Love your skin.


At Luna, skin care is not all about beauty; it’s about taking care of the largest organ of our body. This understanding allows us to address your skin concerns in a different way.

In-depth consultation is key because we know every individual’s skin is completely unique to them. We take the time to educate ourselves, and you, on your skin to customize each service and home care regimen. We offer multiple product lines and treatments but will always refer you to a trusted colleague if we feel we don’t have what your skin needs.

Routine, customized treatments will give you results but, ultimately, what you do at home every day is more important. With all of the products on the market, our job is to understand how ingredients work and determine which ones are right for you. We use our expertise to give you a personalized recommendation along with the knowledge of why it will work for you.


The skin care industry is constantly changing so we like to refer back to the basics with our education of the skin's structure and functions. A thorough understanding of the skin and how it works allows us to approach every skin type safely and effectively.

Beauty is more than skin-deep. We like to think of your skin like a window that is able to show us what is going on within the body. Maybe that new breakout is from changes in your diet or the redness you’ve been getting is from the new stress that you’re under. We ask the right questions to get you on the right path with your skin.